Cremona Musica – The n.1 Exhibition in the world for handcrafted musical instruments (Cremona Exhibition Center, September 30th – October 2nd) – is where you can find both Stradivari violins and ultramodern instruments.

Carbon fiber, has always been used in violin-making workshops, an extraordinary material that is resistant to any climatic conditions, durable and has an excellent acoustic balance. The instruments are manufactured using a process of vacuum infusion, a technique coming from the aerospace industry.mezzoforte1The German company Mezzo-forte, produce award winning, carbon fiber violins, violas and cellos: “We have been exhibiting at Cremona Musica for a long time – says Joerg Kleinalstede, founder of the German company – because here we can meet several professional and amateur musicians, as well as the major international dealers. It is the ideal place to establish contacts with qualified operators of the sector. Cremona is the hometown of the violin-making tradition, so we are proud of presenting here our innovative instruments that go hand in hand with the values of the traditional violin-making craftsmanship”.mezzoforte2